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Christina Lindberg's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1975 Wide Open 2 Reviews
1974 Thriller: A Cruel Picture 1 Review
1974 Swedish Wildcats 0 Reviews
1974 Around the World with Fanny Hill 0 Reviews
1973 Sex and Fury 0 Reviews
1973 Secrets of Sweet Sixteen 1 Review
1973 Love In 3D 1 Review
1973 Journey to Japan 0 Reviews
1973 Anita: Swedish Nymphet 1 Review
1972 Sex at the Olympics 1 Review
1972 Schulmädchen-Report 4. Teil - Was Eltern oft verzweifeln lässt 1 Review
1971 Maid in Sweden 1 Review
1971 Exponerad 1 Review
1970 Rötmånad 0 Reviews

nudity reviews for Christina Lindberg member submitted

Wide Open (1975)
sky_blue_waters was written on March 6, 2009


023:00-024:13 **** Breasts, Buns and Bush in a well lit scene. She poses for a photagrapher, rubbing soap over her nude body. Well worth a view.

040:20 * Breast peaks while she makes out on the couch

053:18-55--055:42 *** Butt in sheer panties then bared. Boobs while making love. quick bush shot

055:50-056:56 **** Her masterly boyfriend pulls away the bed covers showing her fully nude. She starts to do her housework nude while he humiliates her. He leaves and someone else comes by. Close up of her nude body as she walks by the camera to put on some clothes before answering the door. Luckily, her wardrobe choice is see through.

1:32:40 * Towards the movie end, all three actresses are dancing a can-can. Yeah, by now the plot is pretty conveluted. Christina is the middle girl in a sheer nightie. Some bush and buns seen through the nightie.

nocheeseplease was written on January 10, 2010

Her last nude scene don't go out with a bang, but a pleasant crackle

In her first nude scene lovely Lindberg is posing for a photographer, covering herself in soap and enjoying a good dose of full-frontalness.

The second scene is one where you don't see much, but it has a certain erotic value, as she makes out with her friends boyfriend, whilst her friend is in the room! Said friend goes to get changed, and when she comes back her lucky chappie is sucking Christina's breasts whilst she lies back on the couch and enjoys it all. Such a shame it's not shot in a way that reveals more of Lindberg.

Next we're over to a barn, where Lindberg and the aforementioned chap are at it again, this time in more detail. He strips off her panties then then sits her down in the hay up against a support, in order to lift up her top and kiss her breasts. This is followed by some fondling and then brief doggy-style action.

There's also a scene later where Lindberg is doing the house chores nude for reasons that elude me. Right after the barn scene as a matter of fact.

Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1974)
muckster was written on June 30, 2007

Naked teen prostitute, but a waste of time

Teenage-looking sexpot Christina plays Frigga/Madeleine/One Eye/Pirate, mute since a sex attack as a child, a handy plot device to remove the need to write any meaningful dialogue. Suave greaseball Tony (Heinz Hopf) traps her into heroin addiction and prostitution, and stabs her eye out for mauling her first client. This slow and pretentious Swedish revenge flick was an influence on that Tarantino dork if that's any recommendation.

Eye-patch wearing Christina is nude quite a lot during the middle part of the film, passively entertaining punters in her spartan bedroom. She's mainly just topless (nice mid-sized breasts) and it's never anything to get excited about. There's a brief full-frontal posing on her back for a photographer, showing a good-sized untidy black bush. The best scene is another full-frontal with a handsome lady lesbian client who mixes tender kisses with slaps around the face. At least Christina flashes her bum in this bit.

All these scenes are intercut with extreme hardcore close-up inserts which I can't imagine pleasing anyone, and which are likely to turn many right off. Definitely do not bother with this for the nudity.

Swedish Wildcats (1974)
Around the World with Fanny Hill (1974)
Sex and Fury (1973)
Secrets of Sweet Sixteen (1973)
Immy was written on December 27, 2009


Peter Kranz is lucky enough to be de-virginized by Christina while on a double date with his buddy. Her right boob gets some early exposure as Jörg Nagel casually fondles it (0:33, her blouse is undone). Then both boobs are visible from across the room as she tries to entice Peter (0:34, again an open blouse). She takes the upper hand, telling him to kiss her breasts (0:36, topless) and remove her panties (0:37, furry muff seen only from the side).

Love In 3D (1973)
nocheeseplease was written on November 4, 2008

Her best nudity

Christina does Sweden proud in this typically cheesy German sex comedy, with two quality nude scenes.

In the first, she's having sex with her boyfriend, firstly by sitting on his lap then leaning back, before riding him more vigorously. He takes the opportunity to fondle her breasts considerably during this scene, before taking her from behind. This scene is intercut with some other woman masturbating whilst she listens to Christina moaning in the next room.

In the second scene, she picks up some guy at a clothes shop and takes him home for another session. He starts by removing her blouse, revealing in interesting cupless bra, then fondles her breasts for quite a while. They get interrupted by the guy from the first scene, but shortly thereafter get back into the swing of things! She takes him to bed, makes him kiss her breasts, then she finishes off by riding him.

Boobs, bush, the works. Her best work by far.

Journey to Japan (1973)
Anita: Swedish Nymphet (1973)
Immy was written on February 12, 2009


Whew, where to begin! When you portray a teen nymphomaniac it's pretty much a given you'll spend a good amount time unclothed. What's amazing is that despite her considerable nude scenes, a 30-minute stretch goes by where she remains clothed. The first third of the film introduces us to her situation, literally picking up strangers and boffing or blowing them. Highlights early on include a guy she picks up and balls in a friend's apartment (0:14, brief topless) then sitting in bed crying about it (0:16, nude). A jaw-dropper comes when she does a sexy striptease in front of party guests in her home as her aghast parents watch nearby (0:21, nude). Afterwards before she goes to bed she looks at herself nude in her bedroom mirror (0:26, nude)and then plays with herself in bed (all we see in her hand very busy under the blankets). She has another quick encounter with a random guy (0:34, she rips off her own panties!) but tries to cure her addiction with the help of student Stellan Skarsgård. Thinking she's frustrated because she's never had an orgasm, she buys a vibrator and uses it on herself in bed (1:05, nude). She gives up and instead has a relapse with a bunch of junkies in a warehouse (1:08, topless, kinda dark). The next day when the cops bust in she's still topless in just panties (1:10). Social worker Berit Agedahl takes her in but can't help succumbing to Christina's charms (1:13, topless undoing her blouse) and then afterwards they shower together (1:17, topless, implied nude). If all this wasn't enough, she ends up working in a live nude show as a random background girl (1:18, nude onstage and FF walking around backstage in an open robe with lots of other nude or semi-nude babes, wow!). She's finally found happiness now so she consummates her relationship with Stellan (1:25, nude in bed). Her body is sublime but the story at its core is kinda sad.

Sex at the Olympics (1972)
Bushfan555 was written on September 14, 2004

Best bush in germany

She's got huge tits and one of the finest big furry pussies in the world. Lots of great nudity

Schulmädchen-Report 4. Teil - Was Eltern oft verzweifeln lässt (1972)
BushLeague was written on September 23, 2005

Sister has hots for brother

Her brother is seduced by an older women who shows her tits while fooling around with him. Christine is turned on by the scene and hikes up her skirt and opens her blouse and shows her perfect b-cups and rubs them a few times. We see she has panties up her skirt, but unseen during her masturbation, they came off. At the end of the scene, her very pert naked bum is brought into the light. Later in their shared bedroom, she tries to get him to screw her, but he refuses. You get a very oblique partial view of her left ass cheek up her teddy when she leaves his bedside. (her ass is so nice, this is still a turn on). Later that night, she catches him jerking off under the sheets and she goes to him completely naked. Another view of her fantastic bread loaf fanny (a few pockets of cellulite) as she walks to his bed. Very brief shots of her perky pair, and a flash of bush from the rear with a side shot of ass and tit as she pummels him to get him to screw her and not jerk off. She later has a fantasy sequence in which she is standing full nude in front of a firing squad (perky tits again and a fat hairy unkempt bush is shown briefly). The original woman that seduced her brother is in a nun's habit and strips off her top to show her round middle aged tits before the nun is shot and she is shown with bloody tits while dead. Next the squad shoots Christine and another flash of muff and tits. The camera returns to her asleep on her stomach and her bare bum is featured in a full backal. She wakes up, turns over for a flash of fluffy crotch fur and those marvelous tits again as she sees her brother showering. She joins and hugs him in the shower for a breast side flash. She is later shown in the sack with him with her hands over her nips.

Maid in Sweden (1971)
Immy was written on August 17, 2009

Nude, nude, nude!

Christina's film debut is a tour-de-force of nudity. She was 18 while filming this and her body is scrumptious. Starting at 0:08 she's topless quite often - bathing, having sex or frequently changing clothes. Highlights include a masturbation scene (0:35, nude on a sofa); walking around naked in the bathroom (0:53); three love scenes with lucky Swede Leif Naeslund (he gets plenty of chances to nibble her glorious globes); a minute long shower scene (1:05, in slo-mo!) and a finally boffing her sister's boyfriend in a bathtub (1:12, nude, water splashing everywhere). No wonder she was a 70s sensation.

Exponerad (1971)
Immy was written on September 18, 2009

Nude a lot!

More terrific exposure from Sweden's #1 softcore nymphet of the 70s. It's not necessary to document all her scenes, but the highlights feature her nude posing for photos; lounging naked on a dock by a lake with a free-spirited couple who are also nude; a sexy romp in bed with her boyfriend; some toplessness and simu-sex at a wild party (with a few other topless girls around); and the show stopper finale - Heinz Hopf ties her to the bed (she doesn't object) and he has his way with her. Whoa!

Rötmånad (1970)

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