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Thompson, Ciri 0 Reviews
Souvairon, Cendrine 0 Reviews
Richards, Karen 0 Reviews
Purling, Catherine 0 Reviews
McCurry, Natalie 1 Review
Macintosh, Tammy 0 Reviews
Li, Katherine 1 Review
Langbroek, Kate 0 Reviews
Garcia, Lorena 0 Reviews
Deane-Johns, Mercia 0 Reviews
Davenport, Kimberly 0 Reviews
Atherton, Jane 0 Reviews

Chances' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sont, Gerry 0 Reviews
Sims, Jeremy 0 Reviews

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Ciri Thompson
Cendrine Souvairon
Karen Richards
Catherine Purling
Natalie McCurry
grong was written on August 3, 1999

Numerous scenes

Natalie appeared naked in this Australian TV series a number of times (as did most of her co stars). One memorable scene has her posing naked on a beach for a tourism advertisement. The camera lingers lovingly on her butt both in the scene where she is posing for the shot as well as in following scenes where we see the advertisement in magazines and on billboards. Chances is one of the all time great tv shows, not only for nudity but also for ridiculous plot lines and excrutiatingly bad acting

Tammy Macintosh
Katherine Li
Boobsieslover was written on June 9, 2004

Hot scene

I got an old recording of a scene with her frollicking with a guy naked in the bath and then in bed. She is hot and a definitely a member of my harem.

Kate Langbroek
Lorena Garcia
Mercia Deane-Johns
Kimberly Davenport
Jane Atherton
Gerry Sont
Jeremy Sims

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