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SFG was written on February 22, 2002

No Bush

While being raped by her possessed husband she flails her legs about.
I've played this part of the tape several times (playing with the levels) and there is no sign of bush. The scene is too dark to pick out any detail.

GeeSpot was written on September 8, 1999

Very, very, very brief lower frontal nudity

A very, very brief bush shot while she is making love with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamil).

Mark Hamill
yowza was written on March 13, 2000

Skywalker Buns

In this horror anthology series, Hamill plays a washed-up baseball player. Even though he was in his early 40s and had a mustache, Mark was in good shape. We see him having rough sex with his wife, and see his bare ass, sort of from the side (but not completely). It's a full-length shot, so we know it wasn't a body double. His butt looks pretty darn good. I'd give it a higher score if it was a more straight-on shot, or if it lasted longer.

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