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Betty Blue's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Dalle, Béatrice 12 Reviews

Betty Blue's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Anglade, Jean-Hughes 6 Reviews

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Béatrice Dalle
BushLeague was written on May 31, 2002

Lots of low quality nudity

Also known as "37.2 Degrees Le Matin". Most of the nudity here is shot in low light to dark, sometimes with a yellowish-brown tinge, but there are some notable exceptions (read on!). Is shown in really dark light, with the camera about 6m away, making love(you can only make out her left leg). As the camera dollies in, you get a brief shot of her left tit as she "cums". In the kitchen, she walks towards a guy wear a skimpy sun dress with the underarms cut out so you can barely see her left tit. He hikes up her dress to reveal some cute panties--the lower half of her butt cheeks are hanging out. While in bed, a guy walks into her bed room and she is lying down with her left tit exposed (medium dark). In a dark, yellowish scene, she kisses her boyfriends "little snail" (her words, not mine) twice--you can easily make out his pee-pee. She walks out onto a porch wearing a skimpy night shirt that just barely covers her ass. A guy tries to hike the shirt up to prove that she is not wearing any panties. She pushes him off the porch and then hikes the shirt up to reveal her black bush and prove that he was right all along (well lit in broad daylight). She's back in the bedroom again, her boy friend is groping her and her panties don't quite reveal her firm, well rounded ass. He pushes her onto the bed and we get fairly good look at her tits, he then strips off the panties, revealing her bush and proceeds to give her head (no lip to lip action shown). Another kind of dark bedroom scene reveals her full frontal with a brief full rear shot as she exits the room. Side view of legs, ass bush and tits ass she stands in bath tub (only slightly dark). Brief, dark shot of left tit, then right tit as she lies in bed. Long fairly well lit topless shot as she goes about house in some hokey un revealing silk or rayon panties.

Invader was written on January 2, 2005

Opening sex scene

In the unrated director's cut DVD, more than an hour longer than cut version, this opening scene is not dark at all. And though you get better views of Dalle's breasts in her many following nude scenes, you do get more than a glimpse of her nipples here. With DVD zoom I still can't say if the sex here is real, but it sure looks that way. The scene starts with him stretched out between her legs, her knees up, and he reaches down between their pelvises as if to insert himself. A bit later she places her hands on his waist, perhaps to gently urge him to rise up. He doesn't and she drops her hands. Then he does rise, bending back at the waist, and Dalle immediatley puts her hand against his stomach and slides it between their pelvises. Her fingers can't be seen but her hand is visible, and it sure looks like she is working to adjust something. She works a while, palm upward against him, then she turns her hand palm down (the face of her wristwatch becomes visible,) and continues pushing and adjusting. Satisfied at last, she removes her hand. He begins moving with greater urgency now. You can even hear a slap or two as their pelvises slam together. Soon he grabs Dalle by the bottom, as if adjusting her for a snug fit. The scene continues until they both appear to reach completion. First thing to note is the redundancy of Dalle fitting him in her, since he had done that at the scene's start, unless the first is acting and the second is for real. There is also a possible shudder mentioned above, perhaps nothing, an almost subliminal undulation as if she is settling in for a ride. And his pulling at her hip is an inspired detail if they are faking. Add Dalle's convincing passion (she's the more demonstrative,) and it is very easy to say this must be real sex. Either way this is one fine erotic scene. I'd also like to say that, as gorgeous as Dalle is in her many following nude scenes, I think her body is at it's most beautiful here. Her one thigh in view, ideally displayed, is full, shapely and lovely. And her breasts, perfectly and gently round as she is reclined, look even better than when she is upright. Especially when, with the thrusting and writhing of bodies, they jiggle almost nonstop through this entire scene. Great.

saskabush2000 was written on August 9, 2006

Extremely hot opening scene

Invader's review is one of the most detailed I've seen regarding the often-debated opening sequence of this film, and I can't do too much other than to second both the description and his opinions. This is one of a rare number of love scenes in mainstream films where it is virtually impossible to tell whether the sex is real or not. (Wild Orchid's climactic sex scene between Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke being another example). As with Wild Orchid, there are "extenuating circumstances" that lend credence that the scene might be real; in that other film's case, the two actors were real-life lovers. In the case of Wild Orchid I have no idea if this was the case with the lead actor and Beatrice Dalle, however Dalle did have a "wild child" image at the time, and I could see her deciding to "go for it" especially when she had peers/competition like Maruschka Detmers also going all the way in films like Devil in the Flesh which was released the same year as Betty Blue. Personally, I think the sex - if real - begins about midway through the scene, not when the actor appears to insert himself, but perhaps the second time when Beatrice reaches up herself. Certainly the sex becomes more enthusiastic and realistic at that point, as do Beatrice's reactions. Again, there's no way of telling if this is real and I've never heard anything to suggest one way or the other. But it's a hell of a performance and a hot scene, so in the end that's what matters. (As for the rest of the film, personally I think it's pants; I rarely get past the first scene and I even bought the DVD just for the opening sequence).

saskabush2000 was written on October 24, 2003

Possibly real sex in opening sequence

It has long been debated whether Beatrice Dalle and her co-star actually had sex during the opening scene. It is certainly one of the more realistic looking sex scenes of the 1980s. I think they started out faking but it turned into the real thing, because at one point she clearly reaches down to his crotch, shudders, and then things really get steamy -- implying she guided him inside her while filming. It all leads to a rather squeaky orgasm. Granted, except for side views there isn't much by way of nudity, but who cares? It's an extremely erotic sex scene and deserves 4 stars on this basis.

Ethan was written on July 24, 1999

Delightfully nude throughout

The very opening of this French psycho-love drama is a slow zoom-in on writhing, moaning, missionary-style love-making by the lead couple, and, wow! It's hot! Is it simulated? You tell me. Anyway, Beatrice Dalle is gorgeous and voluptuous and nude throughout this movie, and maybe somebody who's seen it more recently than me can be more specific. It's worth renting and fast-forwarding to Beatrice in her glory. Just don't rent it at MY Blockbuster. I might want to see it again soon... :)

Gordon was written on February 3, 2000

Hot sex and plenty of other nudity

Beatrice shows it all in the French film. From the very beginning you get to see her in action as she moans, groans, and writhes passionately as a guy goes at her. This scene is really steamy and you get to see a lot of Beatrice. There are also the scenes mentioned in the above reviews. Beatrice has a really nice, shapely body, but I wouldn't say it's the best I've seen; however, her acting (especially in the sex scenes) is purely erotic and titilating.

MrKeithTalent was written on October 3, 1999

sex godess

Beatrice treats us to all her goods in this film. The film opens with her getting it on with her guy in some hot sex. Later, when she's pissed of with some guy who's trying to check her out, she lifts her long shirt to reveal no panties, and her thick black thatch, and shout french obsceneties at the guy. Other scenes follow. But theres one long scene in which she moves around naked in her house for some time, trying to move a mattress or something. She's really hot in this film, and this is must see nudity.

BiBoySTL was written on June 26, 2000

Nude... a lot.

This cute, but hardly sexy, French actress is naked a lot here, but not as much as her male co-star. God love the French and their nudity.

movieguy21 was written on May 25, 2002

Excellent nudity

The opening love scene is one of the most erotic I've ever seen. You don't see as much in the way of nudity here as you do in the rest of the movie, but it's a great way to open things up. You see glimpses of Beatrice before they torch the house, but the better nudity comes later. The first good scene is when you see Beatrice and her boyfriend begin to go at it. She lies on the bed and he strips her, revealing her perky breats and very big bush. You get about a good six or seven second shot of her black bush as he begins to eat her pussy. Later in the movie Beatice prances around naked for a good few minutes, offering an even more generous look at her breats, butt, and bush. She's not a stunning actress, but has a very cute body.

Serna was written on October 25, 2000

Opening Sex Scene

This film is full of nudity but the opening scene is a sizzling cracker. Dalle is underneath her co-star but you get to see much of the body you will see a lot more of later. Loads of writhing and moaning, and it is easy to believe they are really at it. Dalle is extremely erotic.

zax1 was written on May 20, 2001

Beautiful nudity

Béatrice Dalle makes an incredible performance with her nudity. After the main titles are done, she lies underneath a guy who gives her pleassure. She moans and cries very passionately, letting out her weaknesses by letting a guy "take care" of her. The scene is very realistic and that makes it very erotic. She's so good that it's a possibility that they're actually doing it. There are many other occasions when you get to see her naked, but a few of them are: As soon as the scene starts they're getting a little filthy with each other. He lies her down on her back and pulls down her panties, revealing her pubic hair. He gives her some oral pleassure for awhile. Further into the movie she gets out of bed, totally naked, revealing her breasts, pubic hair and butt. She's moving around alot giving us something beautiful to look at. They also make love in a red room showing their passion. Also at one point she sits naked in a dark room, but covers mostely her goods. Béatrice looks very beautiful and gives us much to look at, even when she's clothed. I love these French movies when nudity is handled as any other normal scene. Brilliant!

AdNoctum was written on October 16, 1999

Dazzalingly Cute

From the first there is an extremly erotic sex scene, as well as copious amounts of nudity throughout the movie both male and female. Even when we first see Betty clothed you get to see side views of her breasts. There are also scenes that show lower frontal nudity as well as a couple of oral sex scenes one of which is Betty kissing a sleeping Zorg's penis....hot!

Jean-Hughes Anglade
Christoph was written on July 17, 2000

Complete nudity in sex and other scenes

Hunky French actor is seen in various sequences completely nude (i.e., sex scenes, lounging around, getting out of bed, etc.) He has a fantastic body and is not afraid to show everything. What a pity more American actors cannot be this laid back.

seansolo was written on July 29, 2000

is it real or is it memorsex?

well, the opening scene has got to be the most realistic sex i've seen in a non-porn. beatrice is pure french sex kitten all the way, and although compared to the beginning of the movie, we don't see too much else, nudely speaking - but it's also a great film.

BiBoySTL was written on June 26, 2000

Nude throughout, sexual and non.

Throughout this entire, lengthy, boring French romance, you can see this actor naked a helluva lot. My favourite scene is the one where he slides his jeans up when his boss walks in on him sleeping naked.

AN.,ITaly was written on September 30, 1998

several frontal shots

Anglade is mostly naked in this film. Fine.

Cobain was written on May 8, 1999

After making love twice and many other scenes

Wow this man are really hot, and in this movie we can see him naked full frontal almost in the whole movie, this ist a must if you are tired of just seeing rear nudity of men i movies.

WickedBoi was written on April 27, 2002

The whole film!

This sexy French actor spends most of the film with his kit off, and who’s complaining? He’s got such a naturally attractive, sexy body - not muscly but still masculine and athletic-looking. He has a cute little bum, a fit torso with a trim but soft belly... and a long uncut willy with a hairy bush of black pubes. We see him in full-on graphic sex scenes, getting dressed and simply walking around the house nude. And every time his tool keeps bouncing around with a life of its own. There’s loads of nudity to choose from here, but my favourite scene is the same as another reviewer here - the scene early on in the film where he gets out of bed full-frontal quite close to the camera, and pulls on his tight blue jeans and zips them up without wearing any underwear. Yummy!

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