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year title
1996 Walnut Creek 1 Review
1995 Lover's Concerto 0 Reviews
1995 Blonde Heaven 1 Review

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Walnut Creek (1996)
GDH was written on December 20, 2003


Chap with superb gym-fit body features in two sex scenes. In the first, with Renee Weldon, we get a couple of well-lit but sadly brief views of his bum; in the second, with Kate Rodger, several views of the top half of it (his jeans cover the rest).

Lover's Concerto (1995)
Blonde Heaven (1995)
Derek was written on September 24, 1998

Love scene and Forced to strip scene

Hunky actor with beautiful bod. In first scene we get uncompormised shots of his ass while he makes love. In second scene he is forced to strip down by a commanding woman in a male whorehouse. Nice but not overstated embrassment context. He leaves on his crew socks and conceals his frontal with a cowboy hat. All shots are well lit and clear view. Can't wait for more from this gorgeous actor with a cute Southern accent.

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