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After Hours' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Fiorentino, Linda 5 Reviews
Arquette, Rosanna 2 Reviews

After Hours' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Dunne, Griffin 1 Review

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Linda Fiorentino
BushLeague was written on February 23, 2002

Couple of tit shots

In the first scene, she walks through a door and takes off her bra, revealing an average size set of rather firm symmetrical tits. She almost immediately turns around and leaves. In the second scene, she is tied up with a see through nylon top. Her nipples and aureola are plainly visible. Her tits are smashed down by the ropes. This scene lasts much longer than the first.

Cyclone was written on February 17, 2000

Briefly topless

She has a brief and weak topless scene fairly early into the movie. I wasn't all that thrilled by her small breasts, and the fact that she was somewhat dirty made the scene even less appealing. It's a great movie, but don't expect any good nudity.

Fling was written on September 5, 2003

Not worth a look

This really should rate one star, because flat-chested Linda Fiorentino does go topless briefly at 20:03, including a two-second shot at 20:11.
Beginning at 41:38, she has a longer sequence, several views of her in a mesh top that also exposes Fiorentino's shortcomings: sexless titties with unattractive areolas.
As one reviewer mentioned, in the first scene, Fiorentino is dirty and her pancake chest is substandard at best. The mesh top is even worse, making Fiorentino's small breasts look downright ugly.
As women like Anne Parillaud or Bridget Fonda prove, little titties can be perfectly pretty and sexy.
And Linda Fiorentino has done some good work as an actress. But her breasts haven't: they're disproportionately undersized, unattractive and unsexy.
As this is written, I've just seen a couple of movies where an actress looked terrible. To be fair, that's the fault of the director, the DP, lighting and so on.
But Fiorentino should have some instinct for self-preservation. The next time she's in a movie with a womanly actress like Rosanna Arquette _ or even Teri Garr and Catherine O'Hara _ Linda Fiorentino should keep her shirt on.
By the way, the movie is very good.

BMac was written on September 12, 2005

If you like bad breasts

Flat-chested Linda Fiorentino does have two scenes where she shows her little boobies, the second time through a mesh top. Fiorentino seems particularly skanky here, and her nubs aren't worth one look, much less two. She gets one star for the fact of being topless, although on quality Fiorentino's bust rates zero. Otherwise, this is a very good black comedy.

nmd was written on June 25, 1999

nice topless scene

interesting movie too

Rosanna Arquette
Fling was written on September 5, 2003

Beautiful, but not nude

No offense, because Rosanna Arquette has a five-star body and much of it is visible here.
But's she not nude, which is the point of this database.
And in a cruel twist of fate, Linda Fiorentino does insist on going topless.
Talk about missed opportunities.
To summarize: watch this black comedy on its merits, not for its nudity.

BushLeague was written on February 23, 2002

Lying in a bed

She is under some covers and her "boyfriend" slowly pulls down the covers. She is lying on her side and wearing only french cut bikini panties. Her arms mostly cover her breasts, except for the lower part of her right breast (no nipples). Still a great womanly body and firm!

Griffin Dunne
Ozzie700 was written on November 16, 2001


I went through this movie twice and found no nudity from Griffin. He does go shirtless a few times, but no nudity.

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