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2002 Swept Away 1 Review
2001 Alla rivoluzione sulla due cavalli 1 Review

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Swept Away (2002)
donby was written on July 2, 2006

Lying face down on sand, next to Madonna

Beautiful bubble butt, will please most everyone. What's surprising is that, since they are supposed to be alone on a desert island, why there isn't more nudity than this.

There are many things wrong with this film, but one of them is that Giannini, although he looks great, has a very thick accent that is often difficult to understand.

Alla rivoluzione sulla due cavalli (2001)
Pause-Abuser was written on July 14, 2005

Full Frontal Salami Before Skinny-Dipping With Friends

On the DVD, at the 54th minute, Adriano Giannini, the very hunky guy from Madonna's "SWEPT AWAY" strips naked with Andoni Gracia (another salami on display here) and Gwenaƫlle Simon (only her Focaccia rear is shown). All his glorious bits are shown, but the abuse of pause-zoom-still buttons is strictly required. Nice thick seaweed patch and apparently uncircumcized salami are dangling before he goes skinny-dipping in a lake. I would have given this scene 4 stars if he weren't running too fast. Good movie about friendship and change in Europe in the 70's anyway.

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